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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


From Tres...

I think it's true...we can't do anything about it, and in reality it wasn't our parents screaming and hollering about the Vietnam war that ended it either, it was their parents who voted in Nixon and made it clear that the war needed to end. No one listened to the baby boomers. I think that the futility of arguing with this administration has been proven repeatedly. Masses came out and demonstrated before the war even began. They predicted exactly the way this war was going to go, and the demonstrations haven't stopped, culmintaing in the obvious decision of the majority of Americans in the last election...the Dems ran on an end-the-war-now platform and the Repubs ran on a continue-the-war-til-we-win platform and the Dems won back the entire Congress. Clearly the American people want the war to be over, but the Bush administration will not listen and will veto this bill and keep us in Iraq. The only recourse we have is that the war, combined with the blatant corruption at every level of this administration, will forever tarnish this President's legacy. He will forever be known as one of the most ineffective, blundering, and corrupt public officials America has ever known and hopefully Americans will be burned enough by it, that anyone who even seems like he might be like Bush will be tossed out in the primaries. I think the Republicans have learned with Bush that if you are going to have an imbecilic puppet at the head of your party, you better make darn sure he knows he is just a puppet, because Bush has really screwed them over with his self-righteous, stiff-lipped opposition to reason. I really believe that even if the Republicans were to forsake their failed policy in Iraq Bush would still cling to it to the ruin of his own party.

At any rate, the point is Seth, that our generation has been railing against this war since before its inception and not only have we not been listened to, but we have been shoved aside with a patronizing "There, there, when you're older you'll realize what big boy politics is all about." This one is the real Baby boomers' war and they are too jaded to do anything about it. Hopefully we will do better when it is our turn.


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