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Monday, July 09, 2007


To All:

On Friday night, myself and a friend of mine were at a Santa Monica bar, Temple Bar,
which plays Hip Hop and Soul and World Music.

After getting some drinks, I turn around and see a striking attractive woman come up to the bar off in the distance from me, wearing a one-piece white dress. At first, I am in disbelief. I turn to my friend, asking him "Is that Brooke Burke from E! Wild On?" He glances over to me, then back to me, stating "Sure is her."
Brooke Burke is from one of my favorite shows in college, E Wild On, which featured her going to different travel hot-spots in the world.
She was with a gentlemen who I did not recognize, who I later learned was not the rumored plastic surgeon she married prior, but rather a French male model. She was looking beautiful as always, but appeared to have a timid demeanor, not even speaking that much with her companion. She did seem interested in the Soul music that was playing.
I was a little critical of The Temple bar earlier, so my friend made the point that, "Well, if this bar is good enough for Brooke Burke, and she has been all over the world, we probably picked a good bar." He was right.



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