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Friday, July 13, 2007


Pigpen enjoyed the latest Peggy Noonan column in the Opinion Journal about disliking Bush. Money quote...

"Americans hire presidents and fire them. They're not as sweet about it as they used to be. This is not because they have grown cynical, but because they are disappointed, by both teams and both sides. Some part of them thinks no matter who is president he will not protect them from forces at work in the world. Some part of them fears that when history looks back on this moment, on the past few presidents and the next few, it will say: Those men were not big enough for the era.

But this is a democracy. You vote, you do the best you can with the choices presented, and you show the appropriate opposition to the guy who seems most likely to bring trouble. (I think that is one reason for the polarity and division of politics now. No one knows in his gut that the guy he supports will do any good. But at least you can oppose with enthusiasm and passion the guy you feel in your gut will cause more trouble than is needed! This is what happens when the pickings are slim: The greatest passion gets funneled into opposition.)"

For Tondar, it is a bit more simple, why CAN'T we fire Bush? The Democrats were elected on an anti-war platform yet they have been unable to do anything in that respect. Furthermore, the President has become more and more out of touch with Americans, especially Democrats but now even Republican. I have been saying since the beginning of the new year that the successful presidential candidate in 2008 will be both anti-war and anti-immigrant (both anti-Bush positions). However, the GOP still seems to stay in line with the President and the money strings of the party. If I were in Congress, I would cast my lot with the rest of America and support impeachment for allowing the Mexican invasion, the "illegal" war, the commutation of Scooter Libby's sentence or any of the host of civil liberty violations that have accompanied the war on terror.

The point isn't to find a legal reason, for they are all over the place. The point is to initiate impeachment and make a President fall more in line with both the wishes of the people and consequently Congress.


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