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Saturday, September 22, 2007


Michigan pulled off a great upset in their Big 10 season opener as we beat Penn St. in a classic Big 10 game, 14-9. Ryan Mallett was delightfully efficient and of course Mike Hart was once again Heisman worthy. However, the key stat of the game was how we were able to wear down Penn St. as the game went on as you look at time of posession: Michigan 34:24, Penn St. 25:08.

It's nice to see that the season is back on track in spite of the injury to Henne. I have been down on DeBord, and though I still want him fired, he came up with an excellent game plan to keep the Penn St. defense on the field while limiting the risks of playing a true-freshman quarterback.

As Michigan State is beating the tar out of Notre Dame, the next big question is who will be the next Michigan school to enter the top 25?


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