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Wednesday, September 05, 2007


In spite of James' request, Seth still refuses to join the bandwagon...

Does that mean you haven't finally ponied up and joined the Fire Lloyd Carr bandwagon? The train is pulling out of the station! There is still a seat open. Come on and put in your punditry for the next coach. Will it be someone from Boise St? Cal? LSU? An up and coming unknown from division 2?

I'm sticking with Carr. I'm wearing blue all week. And I'm sticking with Ron English as the next head coach, unless we can lure Kirk Ferentz (former Bo associate, Iowa's head coach) back to Ann Arbor.

What killed Russia's hockey team? They had another 9 years before their players started bolting to the NHL -- the fall of communism came after the fall of the team. And you can't blame age -- those players were in their prime, and several (Fetisov and Larionov among them) went on to NHL careers through the 1990s. What destroyed Russia's hockey team after 1980 was that their fans turned on them for losing to the U.S. One of the best hockey coaches in history was forced out of the game. The players were ragged all summer.

Keep this in mind: outside of a very small coaching fraternity -- a big portion of which has ties to Bo Schembechler -- there aren't many head coaches out there who care about winning without cheating. And there are coaching strategies that work if you're always playing a team with less talent than yours that wouldn't fly against a Big Ten schedule, in case you missed John L. Smith's tenure in East Lansing.

Today, I am as proud as ever to be a Michigan man, and that Lloyd Carr is my head coach. We got kicked in the nuts, and every college football fan who wishes they could have what we have is reveling in it. Let them. On Saturday, we'll play Oregon, and I'll get to watch it because I won't be a Comcast subscriber anymore. And the following week we'll play Notre Dame, and no matter what it will be a matchup of the two winningest programs in college football history. And in the weeks to come we'll play 8 teams from the greatest conference in the sport, capped by a renewal of the greatest rivalry in all of sports. And then, most likely, we'll play a bowl game, and it's likely that bowl game will be in Pasadena. And next year, and the year after that, and the year after that, and for many more years to come, this football team will make you proud.

Our national title hopes are pretty slim now -- in case the pollsters needed a reason to fuck over Michigan (they haven't in the past), this loss is good enough to put any 2-loss team above us for the National Championship game. But they'll look pretty silly if we go to the Rose Bowl and beat, say, USC, when 10-2 LSU and 10-2 West Virginia are running fighting over a national championship trophy. Or what if Ohio State or Wisconsin have 1 loss and it's to us? There's still a season of football to play.

If you want to drop Martin for scheduling a speedy little southern monster when we needed a Midwest tuneup, I'd listen. Or if you want to blame the NCAA or the Big Ten for creating this 12th regular season games just to bring in more money for themselves, have at it.

Lloyd Carr took this team when Gary Moehler's scandal had us as close to turning into a has-been as we've been since right before Bo arrived. And Carr is going to leave it, probably at the end of this year, as one of the classiest and most talent-infused programs in the country. You can keep your stupid bandwagon, I'm with Rosen in the Armored Carr.


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