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Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I interpret this game as another '68. Remember your history. Bump Elliot was 8-2 that year, including dropping one to the national championship team. We wouldn't fire him for that, right? No, we fired him because he embarrassed us with a 14-50 loss to Woody Hayes and OSU. We didn't bring up the #2 guy either, we went outside the program. That's why it is time to dump Carr and bring someone outside the program. Someone from Boise St (right Tondar?) or Cal's coach. Last time we went outside we got Bo. Before that Fritz, and before that Fielding. Seems to me like we should keep on that roll. I see breaking with the Bo tradition as a must. He was brought in to beat OSU, not to win national championships or bowl games, and he lived up to that promise. Time to bring in someone with a mandate of winning bowl games and championships. Otherwise Lloyd will hang around our necks like a Cooper albatross. Just good enough to suck.

I don't know how you can be a proud Michigan fan when the last 5 years have been pretty weak, and with Saturday's poop frosting on the suck cake. It was like the Rose Bowl abomination, only ten times worse. Always losing the Rose Bowl and always losing to USC sucks, but at least they are always a championship team. Jim Carty nails it.


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