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Saturday, September 22, 2007


Since we own Penn State, I can see the Wolverines pulling off the upset. Of course Hart will have to remain healthy. Seth on the other hand sees things a bit differently...

Penn State is 3-0 after blowing out all of its competition. They have I'd say the nation's best defensive player in MLB Dan Conner, and probably the nation's best corner in Justin King, plus a d-line that's big, experienced, and have played together for 3 years. On offense, they have a talented senior QB who's finally coming into his own (who's mobile, by the way), a solid, experienced offensive line with probably four future NFL starters, and two young tailbacks who were ranked as the nation's best coming out of high school.

What do we have? Our starting QB is injured (say what you want about Mallett -- I'd take Henne '07 over any QB in the nation), and we still have that gaping whole at defensive tackle. We have Jake Long, Mike Hart, and maybe Shawn Crable (when he shows up) and a freshman CB who will be a star one day. Other than that, we beat Notre Dame by more than Penn State did, but lost to Appalachian Fuckin State and Oregon, which I would add a fuckin too as well if they had a longer name. And we have cool-looking helmets, which is worth an extra 10 points any day.

So why is PSU favored by just 3? Is there something I'm missing?

If Penn St. can get through Michigan, they will probably win the National Championship. But if we look at our history, Big Blue has owned Joe Paterno since they were brought into the Big Ten to dominate those smaller programs over a decade ago. I'm counting on today being more of the same.


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