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Sunday, September 09, 2007


It's great to be a Michigan Wolverine. We have the best program in college football history. We have one of the best academic schools in the nation. We even have the best looking girls most well fed trolls. For those of us that grew up in Michigan, it was easy to be drawn to Big Blue with all its excellent features. However, after the events of this weekend, I am beginning to wonder if I am wasting my time.

Until this weekend, I never considered why I am so emotionally vested in Michigan. It's the best school. It's my school. And following the football makes me happy. I very easily saw myself spending New Years for the rest of my life in various locations in California and Florida enjoying Michigan bowl games. They don't have to win all the time. I would not be so naive as to demand that kind of perfection.

But now things seem different. Now that Michigan has proven itself to be just as crazy and proned to loss as any other team, it will be difficult to get excited about future games. Now Im not saying I'm done with the whole thing. However, this is a bit of a wake up call that I am not forced to devote all this time and emotion to Michigan football. I can simply walk away and find other interests that are less draining. Michigan football needs to remember that this is a social contract and that I am not obliged to devote my time and energy to this. If this behavior continues, I do not have to tolerate it. And I won't.

Fire Lloyd Carr. Fire DeBord. For cryin' out loud fire Ron English if it must be done. Do whatever it takes, but I hope you have your act back together by the time the Big Ten season starts.


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