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Monday, September 24, 2007


You don't see many sports writers that are women. Possibly it's because, like Frank, they have difficulty understanding friendly competition between gentlemen. Neither know where to draw the line when they decide to throw down and go on the attack. For example, take a look at what Jenni Carlson wrote about Oklahoma State quarterback...

There's something to be said for not being a malcontent, but you can almost see Reid shrugging his shoulders as he says those words. Does he have the fire in his belly?

Or does he want to be coddled, babied, perhaps even fed chicken?

That scene in the parking lot last week had no bearing on the Cowboys changing quarterbacks, and yet, it said so much about Reid. A 21-year-old letting his mother feed him in public? Most college kids, much less college football players, would just as soon be seen running naked across campus.

Dizamn, that's about the sports equivalent of Frank's "Don't ever call me again" Speech. However, Bobby Reid's coach, Mike Gundy got his payback with this delightful rant.

"Come after me! I'm a man! I'm 40!"


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