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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

James has an unthinkable scenario for Big Blue...

Losing to Oregon twice in one year? It could happen, and wouldn't be the first time we were beaten by the same PAC 10 team twice in one season. Of course, losing to Oregon twice wouldn't be as bad as losing to OSU 4 times in a row!

Because if we beat them, the BCS will screw them out of 2 bowl games. Would the BCS take a 1 loss LSU, Oregon, or Arizona State over a 1 loss OSU? You bet. Heck a 2 loss SEC team over a 1 loss OSU.

Meanwhile, if things turn up Roses for Michigan there is a good chance of facing a beatdown. I was really hoping UCLA could luck their way into a Rose Bowl, because beating them is possible. Though maybe beating a second tier SEC team could happen. Hey, we almost faced LSU last year.

I think the players know that redeeming this season means winning out. These last 3 games all look tough but winnable. Looks 50/50 from what I see. Hey, any
given Saturday, right?

As Seth adds an even more likely scenario:

Arizona State beats Oregon. Now Arizona State is in the driver's seat for the Pac 10 Championship. Then ASU loses to USC. Could happen. It's not like USC suddenly lost all that talent that made them look so invincible at the beginning of the season, right?

By Pac 10 rules, since ASU beat Oregon and they have identical records, ASU gets the Rose Bowl bid. If Michigan wins out, we play in the Rose Bowl, pure and simple. Even if every other team has 3 losses by then, they won't put Michigan in the national championship -- they'll talk up the SEC as if it's the NFL and put two SEC teams in before allowing for the chance of a national champion who lost to a Div IAA team.

We could beat ASU. We could beat Boston College. We can beat Ohio State. If we had a rematch with Appalachian State, I'd like our chances. Of all the teams in the country, in fact, the one team I like our chances the least against is Oregon.


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