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Thursday, October 18, 2007


Frank responds to a must read piece from the NRO corner...

But really, its funny, what makes this woman any different than a prostitute that is looking for a high-paying John?
I guess she is being fair-minded and honest, offering her looks in quid pro quo terms just for a high-earning male. At least she does not throw in the word "love' to imply some transcendent value beyond materiality.
What really frightens me is how the issue of love as discussed in our culture has actually taken a turn towards Frankish-radio commentator Tom Lykis, ruthless mating television shows, a more and more brutal dating system. I think James said a few years ago something along the lines of, "Did Frank have an influence over Reality TV, with these dating shows?"
As Nietzsche said more than 100 years ago, "If one stares at the abyss enough, it stares back at you."


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