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Monday, October 01, 2007


So as you can tell from the Linky Dinks to the right, Tondar is a big fan of conspiracy and prophecy sites. By far my favorite is the New Prophecy page featuring an amazing collection of "fulfilled prophecies." However, I was a bit dissapointed to see this post about pop-star Madonna being the Whore of Babylon.

Now don't get me wrong, I can take or leave Madonna. I'm no friend or defender. However, this post seems to cross the line into some sort of bizarro world where entertainment is left behind and Madonna's role in the rise of neo-paganism and the persecution of Christians is all that remains.

Money Quote:

Now that Madonna has symbolically substituted herself for Christ on the cross, those who have enabled her to exert great power over a few billion minds (yes, I did say billion) will begin the slaughter of Christians in the Western world. It shall become a media event, a pastime over which the acknowledged high priestess shall officiate. All the bloodshed and beheadings shall be done as sacrifices to the great goddess and the more terrible god that gives her the power she now has (and this god is not Marduk, but one more powerful). The persecution of the innocents shall begin long before that great persecutor himself comes, the beast or Anti-Christ as he is called, and the terrible judge and enforcer of the faith known as the false prophet.

This isn't near as cool as the 1998 prediction about some kind of war in the Balkans or a 2001 prediction about a Chinese invasion of America via the Southern States (that's One China Policy that even a southern strategist like Nixon can't support). *sigh*


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