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Saturday, October 06, 2007


The NYTimes had such an interesting piece on Les Miles today that it made it on to CNNSI's Truth and Rumours. Money Quote:

A large question looms across the college football landscape: Will LSU coach Les Miles step into his mentor's shoes as the next Michigan coach? He played at Ann Arbor, met his wife, Kathy, a former Michigan assistant women's basketball coach, on campus and cut his teeth there as an assistant coach and graduate assistant. No one knows this better than LSU, which has a $1.25 million buyout if Miles, 53, leaves for Michigan, compared to a $500,000 buyout if he leaves for another job. Miles and many people close to him insist that he is locked into the present, and that he and his family are extremely happy at LSU. But Miles, who is under contract through 2010, cannot deny the role Michigan played in his life.

I still think that Miles is a bit of a long shot and about 3rd on the list after Tedford and Kelly. However, James puts it best...

The Miles rumors keep swirling about. I agree that he isn't at the top of my list. I think there are a few requirements that we can all agree on. We don't want to make ND's mistake and get some dirty SEC coach like Lou Holtz who will win us our national championship and then run for the door leaving the next coach holding the NCAA sanctions bag.

One reason why Tedford stays at the top of my list is that he can shut down the spread offense and a mobile quarterback.

Miles seems good, but a bit untested. Plus, if he wins it all this year, what are the chances we can make him an offer he can't refuse?


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