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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Seth found this Dan Wetzel column that makes the Jake Long case for Heisman. Mike DeBord inspired Money Quote:

The Wolverines have won seven consecutive games, averaging 31.7 points during that stretch, despite losing at various times both their starting quarterback and running back to injury. It didn't matter with Long acting like Bob Evans, serving pancakes all over the Midwest.

Everyone knows what the Wolverines are going to do and whom they are going to follow, they just can't stop it. Against Penn State they ran 19 of their first 21 rushing plays in the direction of Long's lead block.

Well at the very least, James is down with the idea...

How cool would that be if the Leaders and the Best had another first for Heisman? It would be a great follow up to Charles Woodson.

Off tackle left!


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