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Friday, October 12, 2007


Dear Mike and Dave,

Get A-Rod.

Look, we know the Tigers are about to break the $100 million bar in 2008 and 2009, and they ain’t cheap now.

But get A-Rod.

This year, 3 million fans came to see the Tigers. Next year, 3 million of us will come to see the Tigers again. If you get A-Rod, we’ll keep coming.

This is the best player in the game, perhaps the best player ever in the game. He’s going play 10 more years. Imagine the 800th home run of a player’s career sailing into the left field grandstands of Comerica Park.

He’s a natural shortstop. With Guillen moving to 1st, we could use a shortstop.

So he bats right-handed. It's not like right-handers are exactly thrilled to face him.

Ponder, for one moment, a lineup of Granderson, Polanco, A-Rod, Magglio, Sheffield, Guillen, Pudge, Inge and Maybin/Timo Perez. It's enough to make every left-hander in the AL Central ask for a trade. This could be the best lineup in history. The Tigers are great now. This would create a legend.

And it could be necessary. We're in an arms race in the AL Central now. The White Sox still have the core of the 2005 winners. The Indians are among the game's elites. The Twins won't ever go away. The Royals are starting to put it together. We look pretty good for the future, but the margin for error in this division is going to be about the size of Eddie Gaedel.

Imagine what a decade of A-Rod would bring. Imagine Imagine a local sports cable network – The Ilitch Network – of Tigers and Red Wings.

I know, he looks like a luxury. But so are infield seats at Comerica, and I, for one, wouldn't mind coughing up a bit more if that infield was made up of Inge, A-Rod, Polanco, Guillen and Pudge.

We will do our part. We will treat A-Rod like the prince of the city. We will sing his praises whether he hits .450 or .150 in the postseason, just for getting us there. We will buy a million jerseys. We will break 4 million in attendance. We’ll order Little Caesars for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Just tell us what we can do to make this happen and we’re there for you.

If you need to do a sign-and-trade to keep Texas paying half his salary for another three years, we can weather the loss of a superstar prospect, even Miller, Maybin, Jurrgens, Clevlan or Porcello (not Zumaya, not Granderson, not Verlander, but anyone else). If he opts out of the contract, well, this wouldn’t be the first time you were the only guys to meet Scott Boras’ ridiculous demands.

Just imagine…then go out there and get A-Rod.

The City of Detroit is behind you.
P.S. Thanks for another wonderful summer.


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