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Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I found a gem on youtube* this week. Yep, it's the whole thing. I really enjoyed this film as it was a more emotionally touching story in the tradition of the original 1976 movie. Though that Oscar winning story of a bum finally getting his shot at life, love, and the title are timeless, I would say the sixth installment was almost as good. I would put it somewhere between the first and second in quality.

Instead of another silly plot about boxing Mr. T and the Hulkster, or ending the cold war, this film has a more accessable plot about determination to overcome age, tragedy, our own shortcomings, and the negative nellies within ourselves and all around that say we're not good enough. Plus, there is also a very relevant subplot about the decline and fall of boxing. This was not as fully explored but it focused on the new heavy weight champion that has nothing to gain, but everything to prove to himself. Of course the film follows the familiar formula, so it is not as ground breakingly artistic (by modern standards). However, for old Tondar it was great to revisit a childhood hero and be uplifted like its those old days with the soaring oil prices, trouble in the middle east, and cordoroy jackets.

*The sound is askew on the first segment but the rest of the movie is fine.


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