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Saturday, November 03, 2007


As we all know the real rivalry is Michigan vs. Ohio State. The teams are close. They hate eachother. And the winner gets to go to the Rose Bowl. However, the Michigan vs. Michigan State "rivalry" is a bit different. It's not quite as one-sided as the Wisconsin or Penn State "rivalries." But it does carry tremendous weight and history for those living throughout the Great Lakes State and have to deal with our little brothers and sisters that had to go to school in East Lansing. To hype this year's meeting, James found this Detroit News article on how one screw-job deserves another and why MSU doesn't have a very good law school to this day...

The athletic directors thought differently. That night, they voted 6-4 to send the Buckeyes to the only bowl game in which Big Ten teams could then play.

Ann Arbor all but went up in flames. What ignited was a kind of eternal rage that has, among the Michigan camp, not yet subsided. One of the ADs polled late that night was Michigan State's Burt Smith, who voted for Ohio State and thereby became a man of infamy in Michigan's annals, even though Smith was a Michigan graduate.

Breslin was aware of the fallout when into the City Club that Monday stepped Molin, who at the time was Gov. William G. Milliken's legislative liaison.

It was Breslin who had been lobbying the legislature, as well as the governor, for the state appropriations necessary to begin a law school at Michigan State. Until the past weekend's events, things had looked good.

"I think I lost my law school, didn't I?" Breslin asked Molin, a friend who knew the ways of the house appropriations committee and its partisan feelings with respect to the two schools.

"Yeah, Jack," Molin said, somberly, "I believe you have."


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