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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


From Seth...

I liked Omar Infante. They made the trade because Ryan Raburn is ready to be the utility infielder, but I thought Infante was getting close to a breakout year. He'll be a starting shortstop or 2nd baseman eventually.

We got Jones because the Tigers want a left-handed at-bat.

But that makes the outfield pretty crowded -- Timo Perez, Curtis Granderson, Marcus Thames, Magglio Ordonez, Cameron Maybin, Brent Clevlan, Ryan Raburn and now Jacque Jones too.

Clearly, with Jones on the roster, Cameron Maybin will likely spend another year in the minors, which he looked like he needed.

Who's he going to platoon with? The starting outfielders are Granderson (lefthanded), Timo Perez (lefthanded) and Magglio Ordonez (righthanded), who hits better against righties than Granderson and Perez. I thought Clevlan was ready for to be the bench outfielder.

Or maybe this means Timo is out, and the Tigers mean to platoon Jones and Thames in left. Too bad -- he played great for the Tigers down the stretch, and the sense I got was that he's coming back.

Anyway, Infante's gone. Infante was once (like in 2000) the Tigers' best prospect -- their great hope for the future during the waning years of Randy Smith. I thought he was an underrated piece. If Jones hits .300, drives in 85 runs, hits 12 homers and steals 12 bases, it'll be more than worth it. But this means our infield bench is now down to the kids (Ramon Santiago, Raburn and maybe Tony Giarratano or Mike Hessman will be ready from Toledo).


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