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Thursday, November 01, 2007


From Seth...

Schilling or Rogers? I think Kenny's the easier re-sign.

What I'd love is for Schilling to go back to the bullpen. He was an awesome closer in his day. And when Zumaya is ready to close, Schilling can move back into the rotation to replace whomever gets injured.

Then again:



But I think Andrew Miller will probably be ready to start full-time in 2008. One of the reasons we traded away Ledezma and Jurrgens is we have Miller, Durbin, Tata and Porcello all ready to be full-time starters next year, and Virgil Vasquez is close. It's the bullpen where we need help, particularly if Jones goes back home to the ATL.

The young arms really showed a lot of promise last year. I believe in Bobby Seay, though he's still no Jamie Walker. Tim Byrdak showed he can be the one-out lefty specialist, and Yorman Bazardo can hold down a 6th or 7th inning. Rodney/Zumaya are a great setup duo. Grilli got it together when he's in his role (preserve leads in the middle of games). Miner grew into the long reliever role. So really, what we need is that closer. Mariano Rivera is too expensive for what he is now -- Todd Jones is still our No. 1 option. But Schilling in that spot...geez.


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