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Saturday, November 03, 2007


From James...

ISSUE 1 - UW vs OSU:
the talking heads are trying to hype this one, just like they hyped the Penn State game. Paterno gave OSU their last reg. season loss. So? That was in a year where Penn State was good. This year they're not. UW has taken it to OSU several times in the last few years. So? They aren't too good this year. Those years were under a different coach: Bielama has never played OSU. Instead they are in Columbus and PJ Hill is injured. OSU rolls into the Big House undefeated.

ISSUE 2 - LSU vs Bama: Nick Saban recruits well, but I'm calling this one for "the Gambler" and LSU. Are Bama that good? LSU lost in triple overtime to a team with a heisman candidate qb. LSU looks to be the team of destiny this year, and not just because Mandel will find any excuse to put them at #1. I think it is because there is talk of him coming to Michigan, his "dream job", so of course the one time that the stars might align to do that he will go and win a NC and ruin any chances of that by being too good. He had the high risk/high reward that Tondar wanted, he was a progeny of Bo that isn't afraid to run run run in the pass heavy SEC. He is too good a candidate, and will price himself out of the job this year.

ISSUE 3 - ASU vs Oregon: Too close to call! Oregon is 3 inches from being the #1 team in the country right now. They play a heck of a game, and Dixon is another Heisman candidate, right behind Jake Long. But the Sun Devils are the dark horse of this series. 8-0 is pretty darn good, but no one knows how good. I don't. Heck, most the PAC 10 games aren't on TV, or run on past 10 o'clock. Their landmark win was a nailbiter over Cal. Running the November gauntlet will be tough, and odds are they drop one along the way, but who knows?


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