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Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Seth stumbled upon a site almost as amusing as New Prophecy...

After trading away their future for the aging legs of Chris Chelios and Wendel Clark, the future of the Red Wings as they enter this new century looks really bleak.

Ken Holland certainly morgaged the future of the team. Since Chelios and Yzerman et al. don't have anything left in the tank, and Lidstrom and Fedorov won't want to come back, yada yada yada, what are the Wings going to be left with?

Prospect-wise, they're also screwed, since the expansion draft is bound to steal away their last hopes in 9th defenseman Yan Golubovsky and checking center Yuri Butsayev, probably the only guys in the entire Detroit organization who will be playing NHL hockey by 2007-08.

Their best hope is to trade away Brendan Shanahan to a real contender like New Jersey, since Shanahan will probably leave anyway after the 99-00 season.

The powers that be are predicting a major rebuilding project for 2001-02 and 02-03, to maybe get some new talent. I mean, take a look at their prospect list! We had to peg a 7th round pick named Henrik Zetterberg as a top-20 prospect for the organization just to get to 20! Who are they going to build this team around? Tomas Holmstrom? I mean, get real. At least fans will have Martin Lapointe and Darren McCarty to cheer for until 2009-10 when they can develop some new talent.


What is even worse is their Dreary Draft Day in 1999.

What a crummy draft day, with every other team getting such great talent in this ultra-deep draft!

And what do the Wings get?
120th overall -- Jari Tosla (never made it)
149th overall -- Andrei Maximenko (will never leave Russia)
181st overall -- Kent McDonnell (Columbus nabbed him in expansion draft)
210th overall -- Henrik Zetterberg (Now among the NHL's best players)
238th overall -- Anton Borodkin (will never leave Russia)
266th overall -- Ken Davis (Went back to school)
Despite all the hype, the draft ended up being incredibly weak. In fact, Zetterberg ended up being, by far, the best player selected in his year. So much for mortgaging the future.
Other players selected in '99:

1st Round (players in bold are now on an NHL roster)
1. Patrick Stefan (disappointing career with Atlanta)
2. Daniel Sedin
3. Henrik Sedin (The Sedin twins finally blossomed last year)
4. Pavel Brendl (Finally graduated from prospect with a lot of hype to player with a lot of disappointment)
5. Tim Connolly (Was good for one year. Concussions crushed him)
6. Brian Finley (Goalie. Total bust for Nashville)
7. Kris Beech (Bust. Was in the Jagr trade, then came back to Wash)
8. Taylor Pyatt (3rd liner. Semi-bust)
9. Jamie Lundmark (Bust. Was supposed to save New York)
10. Branislave Mezei (Bust. Plays for Florida now)
11. Oleg Saprykin (One good playoffs. Went home to Russia)
12. Denis Shvidki (Bust. Out of NHL)
13. Jani Rita (Got traded a lot. Busted out of NHL)
14. Jeff Jillson (Became what we thought he'd be -- a decent defenseman. GO BLUE!)
15. Scott Kelman (Total bust for Phoenix)
16. David Tanabe (The second CCHA prospect taken is also the 2nd guy in the draft to meet expectations. Go Figure)
17. Barret Jackman (R.O.Y. in 2002-03 over Zetts. Solid, but not better than Zetts)
18. Konstantin Koltsov (Made it to NHL, but went back to Russia).
19. Kirill Safronov (Total bust, like most of these Russians)
20. Barrett Heisten (Was supposed to be a steal. Never made it to NHL)
21. Nicholas Boynton (Only the 8th guy in this draft still in NHL, and he only barely)
22. Maxime Oullet (Was part of the Oates deal with lots of hype. Didn't make it)
23. Steve McCarthy (Now a back-end defender for Atlanta)
24. Luca Cereda (Bust for Toronto)
25. Mikhail Kuleshow (Bust for Colorado)
26. Martin Havlat (Great player with Ottawa. Now a 1st liner with Chicago)
27. Ari Ahonen (Goalie. Longshot anyway, but won't make it either way)
28. Kristian Kudroc (Detroit would have picked in this spot. Kudroc Didn't make it with Isles)

2nd Rounders who made it to NHL:
36. Alexei Semenov (Finally getting his shot this year with SJ. Has a great shot)
40. Alex Auld (Bounced around the league. A decent backup)
42. Mike Commodore (Pretty good in Carolina's cup run 2 years ago)
44. Jordan Leopold (Won Hobey Baker in college. Was part of the Tanguay deal.)
52. Adam Hall (Was briefly an upcoming star. Isn't)

Later picks who made it to NHL:
70. Niklas Hagman (Was one of Florida's "H-Men." 3rd liner for Dallas now.)
76. Franticek Kaberle (Kings found a 2nd pairing defender here)
83. Niclas Havelid (Has been the worst guy on lots of bad teams)
91. Mike Comrie (Every CCHA player taken is still in the NHL. Comrie's the best of 'em. GO BLUE)
94. Chris Kelly (A late bloomer -- 3rd liner for Ottawa)
115. Ryan Malone (Quietly a good player for Pittsburgh)
138. Ryan Miller (Yet another CCHA player made good! Buffalo's solid No. 1 goalie and class act)
155. Niko Dimitrakos (Made an appearance for Philly, but is now back in minors)
182. Fedor Fedorov (Sergei's little bro. Half the talent, twice the attitude)
191. Martin Erat (1st line forward for Nashville, who found a late gem)
204. Tom Kostopoulos (Healthy scratch for Montreal, which gives him time for pranks)
210. Henrik Zetterberg (Now the 3rd best forward in the NHL, after Crosby and Thornton)
212. Radim Vrbata (Talent minus drive got him traded a lot, but okay player for Chicago now)
213. Alexander Giroux (All-around great guy, now a late-season injury replacement for Atlanta)
215. Jeff MacMillan (Played 4 games with Dallas)
217. Garnet Exelby (7th defenseman for horrible Atlanta defense)
222. George Parros (Grinder won a cup with Anaheim. Best stache in the NHL)
Note that there ended up being more NHL talent at the end of the 7th round and beginning of the 8th as there was from 4th overall to the end of the 1st round.


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