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Sunday, December 02, 2007


I could go into a lengthy piece about the debacle that was this year in college football. From ASU, to Stanford, to Tennessee, to Arkansas, to Dennis Dixon's knee making one of many many stops on the injury train, this season has been a horrible debacle for every team, and simply deserves a smack of the reset button and declared a mulligan for all. However, James sums up the current mess best...

Tres was right. This season sucks bad. I think only Ohio State and Hawaii are happy right now. No Tondar, I was wrong, Hawaii came back in the 4th to knock out my Huskies. So they are this year's Boise St. Les Miles said he isn't going to leave LSU, and it looks like we are competing with UCLA for a new coach. Bo Pelini is going to Nebraska, but I still like my Michigan plan. Mark Mangino from Kansas as the new head coach and "Cheeseburger Charlie" Wiess as the new offensive coordinator. The catch is they don't get to eat unless they win. In 5 years we will have 5 national championships and the longest winning streak in college football history.

And on the subject of Ohio State, I am saddened that they won't have the opportunity to get bent over by USC in the Rose Bowl. LSU probably has the offense to get it done and take OSU to town, but I don't know if they will give them the thrashing of their lives. After all, they have been riding the injury train all season, and have less than a month to get healthy for the big bowl game. Though for them it would be a home game, so there is that. I can think of nothing better than for OSU to lose 2 NC games back to back. Sorry Tres, but a loss to LSU would make the Big Ten look shitty down in SECland, but I don't care. I just want them to lose. That is this season, and I'm already looking forward to next season. AKA I don't even really care what bowl we are in, as I have a sinking feeling we will play some good 4 loss team that will spank us, like Florida. Damn you Tebow.


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