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Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I propose a toast to Miss Katherine...

Happy Holidays everyone!

Sorry for the mass email, but it is too hard to get ahold of some of you! I wanted you all to hear it from me before the word gets around. I'M ENGAGED! My Prince Charming asked me this weekend in such a sweet way....he is so creative!! I said YES of course! We don't know a date yet, but I will keep you all posted! I am so excited!!!

Hope you are all doing well! For those of you who haven't met him, his name is Nkondo (pronounced Condo). He is originally from Zambia, but grew up in Lansing, MI while his dad was getting his PhD at Michigan State. Nkondo is an amazing man who has taught in Africa and traveled the world just like me! We have a ton in common, and it has been 6 months already since we first started dating. He is literally the "perfect man."

I hope you can all meet him sometime!

Take care!!

Love Kat


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