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Friday, December 07, 2007


From Seth...

Before bowl season, I like to make a watch list. I never end up watching all of them I mean to, but I make the list anyway.

Would rather watch Law & Order re-runs:

Poinsetta Bowl (Utah/Navy) -- don't care

New Orleans Bowl (FAU/Memphis) -- don't care

New Mexico Bowl (Nev/NM) -- don't care

as Vegas Bowl (UCLA/BYU) -- Rematch. don't care

awaii Bowl (Boise/ECU) -- don't care

Texas Bowl
(TCU/Houston) -- I'd care if I was from Texas, but I'm not from Texas.

Independence Bowl
(Colo/Bama) --- Since my Colorado buddy's out of town this year, no reason to follow the Buffs

Humanitarian Bowl
(Fresno/GT) -- Who cares

Sun Bowl
(Oregon/USF) -- Looks good on paper, but I'd rather stab myself in the eye with a dull pencil than look at those awful Oregon uniforms again, let alone the "Everything that's wrong with overrating the Big East" USF)

Chick-fil-A Bowl
(Auburn/Clemson) -- Crappiest Peach in history. ESPN's trying to bill it as a Bowden revenge thing.

International Bowl (Rutgers/Ball State) -- I care as much about this game as Canadians do, which is to say not lots, eh.

GMAC (Bowling Green/Tulsa) -- If they moved it to Jan. 6 so that I'd watch, they'll be disappointed.

Maybe watch for a few minutes if I happen to be channel surfing:

Holiday Bowl
(ASU/Texas) -- The Holiday Bowl's a good ol' bowl with some quirky traditions.

Armed Forces Bowl
(Cal/Air Force) -- Just 'cause it's Tedford.

Music City Bowl
(KY/FSU) -- Seems like a decent football game.

Bowl (Indiana/OkSU) -- Just so I can tell my kids I once saw Indiana in a bowl game

Alamo Bowl
(PSU/Texas A&M) -- Horray Big Ten. The Alamo Bowl always seems to be in that part of Christmas vacation when I've found something else to do than watch bowl games.

Cotton Bowl
(Missou/Ark) -- I still haven't seen this McFadden they speak of.

Gator Bowl
(Texas Tech/Virginia) -- Newest of the new school versus one of the oldest of the old school.

Sugar Bowl
(Hawaii/Georgia) -- I'll check the score at the end. Again, since I'm not marrying anyone from Georgia, I care not.

Fiesta Bowl
(Okla./W.Va.) -- I just hope West Virginia gets their butts kicked so we can start next season with no ranked Big East teams

Orange Bowl
(VT/Kansas) -- Virginia Tech will blow them out, and people will say they deserved a shot at the National Champion, and the BCS will not give a shit.

Might go to on a whim, but wouldn't watch:

Motor City Bowl:
(CMU v Purdue) -- A rematch game. But it's the day after Christmas, and I won't be out of town, and we'll have family in town who like football, so maybe a Greektown and football game thing. How much are tickets? If they're 5 bucks I'm in.
Want to watch, but won't die if I don't:

Outback Bowl:
(Wis/Vols) -- Important for Big Ten bragging rights. Plus, it's kind of a tradition: getting up hung over on Jan. 1 and turning on the Bluebonnet Bowl.

Rose Bowl:
(Ill/USC) -- It's the Rose Bowl. More importantly, women don't know the BCS ruined this game, so you can still use the majestic sound of "Rose Bowl" to get out of the post-New Years cleanup.

BCS Championship
(OSU/LSU) -- Sorry guys, but the Big Ten's most SEC-like team versus the SEC's most Big Ten-like team doesn't trigger my conference loyalties. I understand what it means to guys living in SEC-ville, but considering I'd have to hear it all year from Buckeyes (not to mention the boost to recruiting it would give them), I'm rooting for LSU on this one. Les Miles can be respected for turning down the Michigan offer. I'm taking the Michigan man over Cheatius Evilus Sweaterus Vesticus.
Already programmed on my DVR

Champs Sports Bowl
(MSU/BC) -- I'm excited for this one. I don't care about Matt Ryan. MSU finished strong against Penn State, and by playing in the Tangerine Bowl, the little brother jokes will be flying. Plus I live with two MSU grads.

Citrus Bowl
(Mich/Fla) -- I'd watch the Capital One anyway. With Michigan here, it's the only one I really care about watching. Remember in 2003 (2002 season) Florida was a monster at the beginning of the season and everything thought we'd get killed, then Chris Perry ate them alive? If you keep Tim Tebow off the field, Florida is beatable. With a healthy Hart and Long, I think we can do that. He's been playing overrated SEC pussies all season (the only pair of nuts in the whole conference is the one that Michigan alum Les Miles uses for brains) Let's see how Tebow and the rest of the girls at Florida does against real men.

Interesting Fact:
Did you know that if Ohio State and Vanderbilt traded conferences, every Big Ten team would have had a better academic rating than every SEC team?


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