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Saturday, March 24, 2007


Tondar has a long history of losing his pants, of course, here it was at the request of the Mask of Eternal Agony.

Seth found this great John Clayton article on what keeps going wrong with the Detroit Lions and their wide receivers. Money quote...

"The West Coast offense requires a certain type of receiver, who is big and strong enough to handle the hit in the middle of the field. But the problem many West Coast offense teams are starting to learn is that the bigger the receiver, the bigger the risk. Big receivers are often a little slower, which is a problem in a league that is becoming more about speed every day. Defenses continue to load up on quick athletes. Most of the top cornerbacks run in the 4.3s. Teams that play Cover 2 defenses continue to stock their linebacking corps with smaller linebackers who can run in the 4.5 to 4.6 range. Usually, one of a team's starting safeties is a converted cornerback.

Unless a big receiver can run in the 4.48 to 4.5 second range in the 40, he is nothing more than a possession receiver with limited impact.

The problem with Rogers and Mike Williams is their lack of speed. At Michigan State, Rogers wasn't exceptionally quick. His game was being physical and out-jumping defenders."

Friday, March 23, 2007


"Return of the Past Guests"

"You need to go back to Mississippi and all your shit will be in a little pile of ashes in the yard."

"I'll be your big mamma anytime baby."

"We like going to nasty movies."

"He cheated before, I took him back."
"You a dumb bitch!"

"Big Mamma gonna show you somethin."

"Who he with now, bitch?"

Tondar owns a bigboy house. Saturday I will be hosting a party to celebrate 6 figures of debt. Lemme know if you wanna come.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


I can't believe it has been five years. It is often easy to obsess about the details, actions, and events and forget the emotions. However, let this be a Heathcliff moment for Tondar to just remember those heartswelling Laphroaig moments and that kiss on the Ponte San Giorgio.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Just bring the essentials. I've gotta long way to go and a short time to get there.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


James really hits the nail on the head on why I need to get out of the mortgage origination business. Of course the market has calmed down from the storm that New Century created. However, things sre not looking good considering we are facing a dramatic collapse in all of subprime lending. Interestingly enough, in some ways Bush and Greenspan/Bernanke have taken most of the equity out of the economy, and now we don't have any more credit to borrow our way back to the bulls. But of course James really says it best with this money quote...

"Tondar is correct"

I'll agree with that.

Sometimes there's just not enough hours in the day to play the market, play the good friend, and look for new work under sober management. This PBR is for the quarter I had to eat and the 2.4 years it will take to buy that back.

Monday, March 19, 2007


If you have never seen The Knights of Prosperity on ABC you can actually watch full episodes on the internet here. This is probably the best new show since Arrested Development (NO TOUCHING! no touching, NO TOUCHING!) In the meantime, if you're wondering what all great criminal organizations need, you get 2 Ashley Carol points if you said a theme song...

Of course, you just lost those points for said theme song being by Rush. But check out the look on Esperanza's face when the music kicks in. Isn't that just about any woman's reaction to Rush? Classic!

Olivia: "When are you gonna get a new phone, Tondar?"

Georgia Renaissance Fair: it's fun because you can watch grown men fight on horses and then you get to fight all the way home in the belly of your own steel horse.

I took this picture down my shirt in the hope that it would inspire the ladies to do the same. That is why it sits alone in a photodump.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


The first step to rebuilding is admitting you have a problem. And though the conservatives in the Michigan athletic department enjoy mediocrity, they finally had enough of Tommy Amaker...

"ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Michigan basketball coach Tommy Amaker was fired Saturday following six seasons leading the program without an NCAA Tournament appearance.

After going 109-83 in the last 4 years, they are finally taking the first steps to move the program forward. Considering all the seniors on the 2007 team, Amaker's performance was unacceptable. Furthermore, firing him now, gives Michigan basketball a chance to improve under a new coach and be ready to make a legitimate run in 2 years or so. Let's hope that players like Jeret Smith, Ekpe Udoh, Ron Coleman, and DeShawn Sims can develop quickly.

As for their next coach, I am hoping that they bring in a big name with a history of winning. I know Tubby Smith has been on the hotseat in Kentucky. Maybe after they lose to Kansas, they will be stupid enough to fire him for not winning 30 games every year. Some other coaches, I wouldn't mind coming to Ann Arbor would be Mark Few of Gonzaga, Mike Jarvis formerly of George Washington and St. John's, and John Beilein of West Virginia.

Blondes are the new brunettes.