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Friday, August 10, 2007

PIC OF THE DAYHeather stand where she want. Thank you very much!

Katherine's South American Search for Toast continues...


I hope this email finds you all well and enjoying summer. WOW.... I just finished visiting Machu Picchu! It was incredible, fantastic, amazing......WOW! We got up early and left by 530am to see the sun rise while we were in Machu Picchu. I just sat there for hours in amazement of the beauty! It is high up in the mountains, and absolutely stunning! I hope you all can see this for yourselves someday! As soon as I can, I will send pics!

So now I am headed back to Cuzco today. The last few days I have spent traveling to Machu Picchu and stopping at sights in the Sacred Valley. Nature is so beautiful! We got a chance to stop at a little village and see how they weave blankets and hats. I got to pet an alpaca and a llama! They are very popular here! So many good pics too!

So far, South America has been great. Although.... I have been quite ill the last 5 days. I really thought this would be gone by now, but it is still lingering. I have to tell you a funny story... it is kinda gross, so if you need to...skip to the next paragraph. So a few nights ago I wasnt feeling good at dinner, and I had chicken soup. I got the feeling I was going to be sick, so I got up and went outside and lost my dinner before I could hit the grass. There was a huge dog outside who started attacking me! He wouldnt leave me alone and was jumping up on my head and trying to lick my face! (probably becasue it smelled like chix soup! ew...gross!)

I finally decided to take some hard core meds yesterday because it is so hard to travel when you have to keep running to the bathroom. (lets hope no embarassing moments happen today!) Liza, the South African girl on my trip has been traveling around S. America for a few months, and she had gotten really sick in Argentina. She got a perscription and never used it, so she gave it to me. I hope this clears up whatever is inside me! I cant take this much longer! AH! I want to enjoy this trip!

Ok, sorry about that. Other than that, life is great. I am heading back to Cuzco this afternoon where I will stay for another day before heading to Puno... and then Lake Titicaca. It should be great!

Take care, and I will email again soon! Thanks for all of the emails! I miss you all!


Ross - “You wouldn’t be crying if you weren’t drunk! What are you doing driving through McDonald’s drive-through drunk?”

Thursday, August 09, 2007

PIC OF THE DAYOlivia sets the standard for what is both lame and hip. Let us sleep at the bar and contemplate.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

PIC OF THE DAYI need to take these guys to work with me sometime. They know how to correct a woman's behavior without nagging.

Monday, August 06, 2007

PIC OF THE DAYCall me Giuliani, cuz I'm sweatin' Manhattan.
Most of last night has me axin' what happened
Shakin' all over like Michael J. Fox
Drinkin' the kalimatxo and punchin' bitches in the box

Turns out that Flea Market Montgomery is just like a mini-mall.
Furniture ain't never been this funkay.

As if people didn't need another reason to hate Barry Bonds, now the mystery of his elbow armor is revealed...

"As a student of baseball – and currently a mechanics consultant to a major league baseball team -- I believe I have insight into the Bonds "achievement." I have studied his swing countless times on video and examined the mechanical gear closely through photographs.

For years, sportswriters remarked that his massive "protective" gear – unequaled in all of baseball -- permits Bonds to lean over the plate without fear of being hit by a pitch. Thus situated, Bonds can handle the outside pitch (where most pitchers live) unusually well. This is unfair advantage enough, but no longer controversial. However, it is only one of at least seven (largely unexplored) advantages conferred by the apparatus."

Michael Witte then goes on to describe how the armor works as a massive slingshot keeping the mechanics of Bonds' swing perfect at all times. It's quite an interesting and throws another bottle of Haterade into the Bonds-fire.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

PIC OF THE DAYOnly in Tonnaroos and disc golf are you allowed mulligans. You should have been here this weekend. It was a blast.