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Friday, January 18, 2008


When the last eagle flies over the last crumbling mountain
And the last lion roars at the last dusty fountain
In the shadow of the forest though she may be old and worn
They will stare unbelieving at the last unicorn

From Seth..

The Lions say they're playing below their talent level. The offense is the most boring thing in Detroit since those Dukakis commercials.

But a mighty new wind is coming.

Or maybe it's more of a dump-truck.

With the new decade, the Lions have a new attitude! We've got a real football player, a real guy's guy, coaching now. Look out, NFL, 'cause the Motor City Kitties are going to be to the 1990s what San Francisco was to the '80s!

Welcome to the Wayne Fontes Era. THIS TIME we'll get it right!


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