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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


From Seth...

So one thing was missing from the Michigan football team's first meeting for the 2008 season: a playbook.

So they asked Rich-Rod why he didn't give one out. Afterall, the kids are supposed to have SOMETHING to study.

Really, it's weird. Playbooks get passed out at the first team meeting. It's always been that way.

Is Rich-Rod unprepared?


He said he has them, at least initial versions. But he's holding them back.

Apparently, each player has to earn his new playbook with academic success. He didn't say exactly what.

This, to me, sounds brilliant. This guy's supposed to be an offensive genius, so of course they're excited to get the playbook. And the longer you have it, the more you'll know and the better you'll be, so your football prowess, and your ability to perform in the eyes of your teammates, is tied into academics.

My recollection of school was that the beginning of the semester set the tone for each class. If I started taking a hot tub and doing my reading for History 440 at the beginning, or went to the fishbowl after class to write a papaer for English 322, I'd keep doing that all semester. If I ignored a class then, I'd screw it up.

I guess Rich-Rod thinks the same way. By forcing his players to focus on school in January, he's setting a tone for the whole year.

Seth's likey.


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