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Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I have always been a fan of hard science fiction. However, it is difficult to find good books and consequently movies in our day. Orson Scott Card seems to be the leader of the genre these days. Of course a great deal of his books follow the space-oriented plots. In particular, I was blown away by Ender's Game and have wanted to re-read that one recently as its plot about an inter-galactic war against bugs has particular significance to me in my war against the Spiders of Donelson Manor. But I would also include Michael Crichton and his novels such as Jurassic Park, Sphere, and Timeline, all relying heavily upon science (though not taking the story too far into space).

I think part of the problem is that Science Fiction is one of the first genre's to suffer from a post-literate society. All the great writers that would have become the new Frank Herbert or Arthur C. Clark have instead become comic book authors or video game designers. Those interested in the literature have these easier outlets to feed their imagination while the book based industry has merged with romance novels about tentacle sex and strindependent womyn exploring space as Vox Day often bemoans.

Someday, when this whole fantasy film kick starts to die down, I think we will see its return in the cinema. The Star Wars prequels and latest Star Trek sequels left a bad taste in everybody's mouth. So I think the studios are unwilling to buck the money trend and replace their fantasy blockbusters yet (though Golden Compass may reverse that).

But I would like to see the Dune Series properly done (doing the first book in 2 segments as it takes forever to explain the world of 10,190 AG). I also think that "Ender's Game," anything by Heinlein, or a full length movie (possibly a musical) based on Rush's "2112."


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