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Saturday, February 02, 2008


The big news in the NBA this weekend is the trade that sends headcase and career disappointment, Kwame Brown to the Memphis Grizzlies for Spanish hero, Pau Gasol de los Weepies. Not only do the Lakers get Brown out the door after he was booed recently. But it gives them a solid 20 point 10 rebound 7 footer that can pass. What more do you need for Phil Jackson's Triangle?

For the Grizzlies, you might be worried that they are taking on $9.1 million in damaged goods featuring Kwame Brown*. But keep in mind, that this is an expiring contract, and nobody actually goes to Grizzlies games so there will be nobody there to criticize or boo Kwame. In the coming years, this will give them the cap space to retain Rudy Gay and Mike Conley and allows them to send the soft and whiney Gasol out the door, while they hold their breath and wait for Darko Milicic to develop.

This will probably stir up a great deal of talk about how the Lakers will be poised to win it all this year. After all, they are only 3 games out of first place in the West. On the other hand, they are also 2.5 games away from not even making the playoffs. That is how tight things are. And while Gasol will be perfect for the triangle, it will be interesting to see how he handles himself when Kobe berates him for losing a game for the team. In years past Gasol has proven himself to be 0-12 in the playoffs. Plus you throw in the fact that he was a franchise player whining because his franchise sucked (remember all the Bulls rumours?). Pau has played as a bit of a softie his entire career. However, he does bring more skills to the table than Kwame, and putting him along side Kobe and Lamar Odom, makes them probably the 3 most versatile players to ever run Jackson's Triangle. This year, look for them to lose a heartbreaker to the Mavs, Spurs, or Suns, but in years to come, this may actually be the foundation of something solid (assuming Gasol isn't sent packing with a serious case of the weepies).

*How good would the Lakers be if they had stuck by their guns from the Shaq trade of 2004? They got back Caron Butler and Lamar Odom. Odom has been spectacular as second fiddle to Kobe. Unfortunately, the Lakers traded Caron to Washington for Kwame Brown. Caron has gone on to become an all-star while Kwame, has "struggled" to overcome the damage caused by his drunken, abusive, molester of a foster parent, Michael Jordan.


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