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Friday, February 01, 2008


After a weekend of wheat beer, heavy drinking, and airplane rides, Tondar managed to get himself all run down. Tired and grumpy was the order of the day Monday. However, what sent me into a downward spiral was coming in contact with one of the gay guys that shares my office.

Currently, Drama Queen is in a great relationship, which is wonderful for him. Unfortunately he and his partner have been passing a flu back and forth for most of January. Well, all it took was for Tondar to get a little off his game and I came down with it too. Now I'm not feeling all that bad, but I have a terribly soar throat and feel a bit funky. This was a especially true when Screamy came into my office this morning to stir up trouble and rant and rave over legal descriptions.

Now, I have to admit that I am a bit worried about sharing the office with the gay guys. On the one hand I worry that my strong Tondar body, like the European explorers of old, may be incubating a disease that could knock one of them on their ass. Conversely, I am worried too they might have some mutated disease that is just looking to infiltrate human populations and ravage me first and foremost. I don't mind working with these gentlemen, but I draw the line when I might end up being one of the first human casualties of bird flu, sheep AIDS, or skunk pox.

But on the bright side, Drama Queen gave me a home remedy for soar throat. Now as I describe this picture it being told with alotta lisp and alotta sassitude. But what you do is take a shot of whiskey, lemon juice, and water all in that order and then you get beneath the covers sweetheart and just sweat it out. Now this got me thinking, so after I asked a few questions, it turns out the remedy is from his grandpa that died of lungcancer. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing considering it was his lungs that finally did the poor guy in.

Anyways, Tondar will be fine and will bury you all.


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