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Saturday, February 02, 2008


Yesterday, I informed Dr. Angela that I had a soar throat and was cough up blood. So after 7.5 years of schooling to be a doctor, she came up with the brilliant cure to drink more water. So along similar lines, here are the top 10 things she has learned in medical school.

10. Eat food, but not that much fatty.

9. Don't stare at the sun.

8. Remove salt lick from den.

7. The surest method of headache prevention is to develop a working time machine, go back to 1994, and meet a different woman who doesn't nag your ass into the ground about where you were all night and who was there with you and were you drinking.

6. Spit that gunk out.

5. Hey numbnuts, don't get cancer.

4. Working out is for the birds, just try some gentle stretches and then talk about your feelings.

3. Don't eat this...

2. If it bleeds, quit picking. If it festers, wash it. And if it comes to a head, pop it and leave it on the mirror for Dr. Angela to study.

1. Of course I know when I'm ovulating!


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