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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I have always liked this picture because my pose always reminded me of Don Henley's reclining pose on the inner sleeve of the Hotel California album. Unfortunately, this picture also contains Miss Allison. It's not that I'm going to throw her under the bus. But like the picture from the Hotel California album, it sets a certain mood. Between her old sweater, my partially unbuttoned shirt, and the fresh-ass pimp in the background, it is difficult to discern what is exactly going down. But it looks like a good time is being had, and Tondar's hair has a particularly good wave to it.

Which brings me to the question of the day, what is proper etiquette for digital pictures containing ex-girlfriends? This picture is not all that offensive and since it has alternative redeeming values, I consider it more of a keeper. But as we all know, Tondar does what he wants. He drinks. He smokes. He sleeps in the garage. For crying out loud, he puts babies in the ladies. Thus I'm not going to be confined by societal norms when it comes to pictures of my ex-girlfriend. But just because a picture of the ex is retained, it should be more an indication of artistic taste and history than a manifestation of residual emotional-what-have-you.


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