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Sunday, March 09, 2008


A while back Angela's cousin decided to contact me out of the blue, via Myspace...

Hi my name is Krista (Last Name Omitted). I am Angie's cousin, our dads are brothers. I just found out about the baby and an engagement! Wow congrats. I just hope you take very good care of my cousin or you'll have to answer to the (last name omitted, capitalization sic) clan:) So what do you do for a living? you two make a cute couple just please don't break her heart, after the last one she needs to be treated like a princess. I was wondering if there is a way to get Angie on my friends list so I can write to her. Please let me know.
Thank You,

So yes, the cats well out of the bag by now. I slipped one past the goalie and now Angela is about 6 months along in creating a brand new human being. We plan on naming the little one Isabella. It's rather interesting, but I have avoided writing anything in this space about her. At first it was out of shock and a need to keep things quiet until we survived the first trimester. After that, it became a matter of production and how to go about putting this into words, and possibly altering this blog forever. After all, many people tend to bore the pus and blood out of others when they use their online space to brag about their children and display pictures of their dysfunctional family pretending to be happy. This is boring and I assure you that I will not be turning TDR into a melodramatic tea party where paddy cake and dookie doos are discussed (disgust?) on a regular basis. With that being said, I will include amusing anecdotes and relay some of the funny things that Isabella says and does. Because, let's face it, kids are fucking stupid. And that is high comedy.

But speaking of high comedy, after Krista set herself up so perfectly, I could not help but write her back and answer a few of her questions, for as we all know, Tondar can't resist a good set up...

Peace be with u Krista-cuz,

It is delitfull to hear from new family. 1st thanks 4 tha congrats. I plan on taking good care of Angela. I know how to make security and if there is 1 thing a man knows how to do its keep his women safe. And you can count on more than locks and dawgs keeping Angela safe.

But 2 answer youre question, I am now workin again. Trust me I am fo sho keepin this job. I work in the factory of a clothing company. It pretty cool since they let decorate my own clothing after hrs and all I have to pay for is the costs of the beads.

And dont you worry about breaking Angelas heart. She is a plate of nickles and even my Master aproves. There may have been a time before I learned about fear that I might not been the best boyfriend but I had some time to think and grow with some help from above I know can do this.

I will have Ang contact you. So you live in Missuri now? Was you 2 close growing up? It was nice meting you.


So yeah, don't ever doubt that Tondar knows how to make friends and influence people.


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