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Wednesday, March 05, 2008


So I was dropping truthities on my coworkers today when I realized the hugimatic influence one of my art history professors at Michigan had upon old Tondar. Professor Ward Bissell has a tendency to make up words. The words are derivative of other words that you may know well. However, the usation just seems slightly offical.

These days at work I am often accused of using big words. Usually, I just snap at them in a condescending way, shooting out words or phrases they would know. After all, that is the Michigan difference. If you can't make others feel bad for a wanting of sprezzatura, then you have learned nothing from your BFings. But still, this is ironical considering that Frank is the biggest obstacle to the vernacular of our day. Though Frank tends to the pedestrian and shows a refranation for making up words, he still will go out of his way to use the more obscure or lengthy terminology without touching on a rambalation.

Today, let's all pay homage to the great professor Bissell and try to manufacturize a word.


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