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Thursday, March 06, 2008


Seth sent along this story about the (Field) House that Yost built. Money Quote...

"It's a hostile environment and that's why I think it's fun," Anastos says. "I just think it captures the entire college atmosphere. The stands are right on top of you, and the fans are active and vocal."
Berenson says the advantage at Yost was more pronounced in the 1990s because opponents have learned to deal with Michigan's crowd and feed off its energy.
Told of that, Michigan State coach Rick Comley says, laughing, "Baloney. It's a tremendous advantage, especially when they get out of the blocks quickly."
Comley says he doesn't believe the players truly hear everything the Michigan crowd yells. "But it's just the noise volume. It's not that it intimidates the other team, it's just because it jacks Michigan's team up so much."
The Wolverines have no doubt they are helped. "When we are down a goal, they give us life," Summers says.

I remember going to a game at Yost with Drake my freshman year. It was early in the season and we were playing Notre Dame. From the first moment I heard the profanity rain down, until I assumed my spot hanging from the wall, until it became crystal clear when a drunken fan shouted in a moment of relative silence, "Notre Dame, God hates you," there is nothing on earth closer to Thunderdome than Michigan hockey at Yost.

But for those of you wanting to know more about the status of Michigan hockey these days, you can check the rankings here and get a steady supply from Mgoblue.


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