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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So I was going to come home and write tonight, instead one of our big clients dropped a buttload of work in my lap. Well, I apologize for another days delay for working my job at which I'm paid.

But 2 thoughts for the day...

1) The Pistons had a great game. Now what stuck out to me is if you compare the bench and starter minutes from Game 1 to the 17 point blowout in game 2. In game 1 I thought the Pistons were doing great with Maxiel and Stuckey out there playing fast and loose. Like Ben Wallace in 2006, sometimes the starters get tentative and are not willing to contend a shot or commit the hard foul to make the opponent earn those points at the stripe. The lesson for Tondar is that you need a strong cast of role players that are willing to lay it on the line for 3 quarters so that the 4th can belong to the allstars.

2) If you look at the teams remaining in the NHL playoffs, only San Jose is the newbie-pretender to the throne. The rest of the teams consist of Original 6ers and 70s expansion veterans. Has the NHL wised up enough to protect their quality franchises in the playoffs? Are we heading to the dream matchup of a Rangers vs. Red Wings finals? As long as the Sharks get knocked out soon, there may be a chance this year might hold my attention. You hooked me with the Nashville series, now I kinda got that hankerin' for Stanley.


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