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Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Seth breaks down the old and the new to illustrate the offensive brilliance of the DeBord that lost us 3 Rosebowls, 4 in a row to OSU, and 9/1/07...

This is an explanation of the flexbone offense, which is not all that different from RichRod's spread and slash. The formation is the biggest difference; whereas a flexbone's bread-and-butter plays are getting the qb into space to run, the spread and slash tries to isolate speedy backs and receivers in space.

The difference between this and DeBord's offense is that it looks for big plays, where the DeBord offense is supposed to have 3 pass options each time that can get you a first down, and the running game emphasized talent. By that, I mean the whole goal wasn't to give Mike Hart an empty area, but to have Mike Hart and Jake Long barrelling down on a linebacker and safety -- cause Mike Hart and Jake Long should be able to beat anyone two-on-two.

The weakness of the flexbone and the spread-n-slash is also different than the DeBord pro-style offense. DeBord's line could weather one lineman getting beat, since the pocket gives the QB space to move out of the way, or the running back to stay in (when uber-talented teams like USC and OSU beat us on the line, they were coming through in mulitple spots). RichRod's offense, and the Flexbone you will read about, are totally screwed if your best guard and tackle can't handle a defensive lineman. One of the "cheats" they mentioned is swapping one of your defensive tackles for an end at the line of scrimmage. But if you're playing a team with a Lamarr Woodley, or Vernon Gholston, or Alan Branch coming off that spot -- someone who can blow up your tackle one-on-one on a consistent basis -- that side is shut down for you.


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