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Monday, April 14, 2008


Do you ever get the feeling like you are being watched, as if you have moved into a trap that has yet to be sprung? Do you ever have an unsettled feeling as if something is amiss, like somebody is 3 steps ahead of you and has set the board like the Count of Monte Cristo, simply to set you up for your own demise? The most troubling part, is that you know the forces are moving against you, but you lack an understanding of the scope of the complete treachery.

Of course, on the other hand, there are the kinds of traps where our fate is sealed because we are unwilling to act and change the course of events, doomed by complacency. In those situations, we see the future laid out before us and yet we chose to ignore the consequences of our actions. In these cases we easily fall victim to the Count's trap as well.

Today, let's be on the look out for the traps of others, and when they expect us to zig, let us collectively zag. We may not avoid the trap, but at least it will give the kids something to plot next time in their Chateau d'If.


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