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Monday, May 05, 2008


I just got home from watching the Pistons squeak out a game 2 victory. This was a great win for many reasons. First, it puts pressure on Orlando to win the next two games at home. The Pistons have done a masterful job using their bench and their fouls to contain Dwight Howard. In years past I often thought they should have used a degree of reckless abandon to go after Shaq and the Heat. Ratliff, Maxiel, McDyess, and Wallace give the Pistons 24 fouls to abuse Howard's one-man post performance. He certainly got his in game 2, but he also had to work for it.

Secondly, HOW ABOUT THAT 3RD QUARTER FOR THE MAGIC!? They outscored the Pistons 36-28 to crawl their way back into the game. They were hitting every shot they touched. This is the type of thing that has to be expected against a 3 happy team like the Magic. Often times the kids will ask me what happened in a certain series like the Mavericks/Warriors in 2007 or the Sun/Spurs from this year. And the only explanation, I have is "Shenanigans." Well we saw the Magic shooting Shenanigans tonight. Luckily for Detroit there was the Billups shot to end the 3rd.

When I saw the Billups shot go down, I celebrated that Mr. Big Shot beat the buzzer. But there actually was never going to be a buzzer as they had started and stopped the clock to end the 3rd quarter. What blew my mind was the forever-and-ever pow-wow by the officials. I really do believe that their taking forever gave the Magic enough time to cool down from their Shenanigans Shooting to allow the Pistons to dominate the 4th Quarter. Now many in the media will try to jump on this to point out how the Pistons stole Game 2. Looking back may I point to the the Nets/Pistons series from 2003 that had many awry call, but was swallowed whole as the underdog nets swept the Pistons away in 4. Veteran teams get the benefit of the doubt, and the Pistons cashed in here, only if it may have been by .1 seconds. Obvious lesson learned: the league should keep their own clock and be willing to compare, lest somewhere, somebody in the NBA tries to pull a Michigan State.

Speaking of that school, did anybody see that little kid in the 4th quarter, with his shirt off, chest all painted and pulling at his junk like it was a cigarette machine?


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