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Sunday, May 25, 2008


So if you are a fan of Detroit sports, I'm sure your weekend has been dominated by the Wings/Pistons quandary. Even, ESPN had an excellent piece pointing out how once again Gary Bettman drops the ball allowing game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals to be on opposite of the Pistons/Celtics Game 3.

Of course, as James points out, Isabella's arrival could have come at an even worse time this week...

You know, I had this feeling of dread that this would happen during the playoffs. Anyone have Tivo so the Dar can watch the games? Though now that I think of it I'm sure there is a TV in the hospital room. "Hey honey, can you keep it down over there? I can't hea the game."

It's actually not much of a worry as Angela is very cool and understanding of the playoffs and Michigan football. And as I told her last night, "This was the biggest night of TV watching since Junior Prom," so we had to pull out all the stops. This began at Target early in the evening where I bought my first VHS tape in YEARS. Secondly, I planned ahead and knowing that ESPN has told me that they are the leader for sports, I went ahead and set the VCR for the telecast of the Pistons game on ABC. There's no need for them to give me updates of the other game, and I knew Vs. wouldn't even dream of it. I then exiled myself to the basement where I carefully watched the glory of Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals. And afterwards I was able to watch the Pistons game, enjoying their entire debacle with the benefit of fast forward.

I was a bit worried about the Wings after the 1st Period. Not so much because they were getting out played but because the officials were calling everything on Detroit. I was especially worried that this would devolve into shenanigans when that early goal was waved off. Eventually, things settled down and Detroit was able to stick it to the Penguins. It appears that Detroit's hitting will be the difference as the offensive abilities seem evenly matched.

If it makes any difference, a few nights ago, I had a dream that Detroit swept the series and won the Cup. In particular, that 4th game was a Wings blow out, which they won 6-0. Of course in the dream because Gary Bettman hates the fans, the game was scheduled for the middle of the night and the 3rd Period was winding down at 6:30 in the morning, Central time. I was surprised to find the game on, but was willing to stay up and watch Detroit parade the Cup and then go to work. What also made it interesting was the red or yellow smoke that would shoot out of the goals every time the corresponding team would score.

As for the Pistons they had themselves a shenanigans game they could not afford. They were stone-cold in the second and third and every bounce and loose ball went Boston's way.

Going into the game, I thought Detroit should attack and rattle Rondo. When the Pistons get under his skin, it forces Doc Rivers to panic and go to his bench which Detroit exploits by attacking and drawing fouls, which sends Doc Rivers further down the spiral as he goes deeper into the bench. I also thought they needed to limit the second chance points for Kevin Garnett and PJ Brown. The Pistons need to do a better job of getting position and boxing out. It's one thing for KG to have 20 rebounds its another thing if a significant portion of those are offensive rebounds leading to second chance Celtic points.

Unfortunately, I think this Game 3 loss has doomed the Pistons. They had Boston right where they wanted, and all they had to do was win their home games. Maybe Detroit will get lucky and Boston will have a shenanigans game at home. However, don't count on it. It looks like we are heading towards another 6 game defeat complete with a 'Sheed meltdown in the finale. And of course the worst part is, I have decided that I hate both teams in the West and cannot bring myself to watch an NBA Finals featuring the hated Spurs and their flopping, nor the legendary Phil Jackson and the Boston Celtics. Both of them can suck it.


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