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Monday, May 26, 2008


Frank and I have recently discussed the alarming Texan confiscation of the LDS children. We were both shocked and outraged at the lack of due process given these people because of their strange religious beliefs (And as Frank and I know they are downright STRANGE. On many Super Thursdays I remember perusing a copy of the Book of Mormon that Frank acquired on account of him being the only person civil enough to speak with the LDS missionaries on the Diag).

However, if they start making exceptions as to which children are permissible to steal, we could easily find ourselves on a slippery slope where all children belong to the state and are allowed to stay with their birth-parents out of the grace and compassion of our most-wise government.

If you have been following the case, you may be familiar with the civil rights violations and errors that occurred during the investigation. Here is an excellent rundown of the issues and the current status of the case. These are the most egregious violations...

•Insufficient investigation of the initial tip and tipster.

•Insufficient investigation at the ranch about who was in immediate danger.

•Treating the entire compound as one household, though there were 19 separate residences.

•Taking all children instead of just the post-pubescent girls who could have been subjected to the feared sexual abuse by older men.

•Insufficient evidence presented at the first hearing for the children.

•The hearing should have been for each individual child, not all in one hearing.

•Shifting burden of proof to parents to prove innocence, rather than having CPS prove guilt.

Hopefully, next up will be the civil suits that leave the state feeling the sting of punitive damages to the extent we never see this horror again in our lifetime.


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