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Sunday, May 25, 2008


Well Isabella must take after Tondar as she does what she wants. And when she wanted out Mistress Angela and the world had to move. Wednesday night I was talking to Angela when her water broke at midnight. Tondar was able to scramble and get a one-way flight outta BNA that morning. However, it was not quick enough as Isabella made her way into this world in 4 short hours. She was born Thursday May 22 at 5:02 AM. Though she was 3 weeks early she was perfectly healthy and ended up leaving the hospital Friday night about 7 PM. Daddy made it to town at 10:30, Thursday Morning and have been with my family since.

Now that we are at Angela's House, we have been getting into the feeding and diaper routine. It turns out that newborns are kind of boring because all they do is sleep all the time. But Doctor Angela has assured me that this will eventually change.

Anyways, here are some pics if you're interested. I omitted the gross ones...


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