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Monday, May 05, 2008


Tonight on the way home from work I put on "Natural Science" and those old memories came flooding back. I fell in love with this Rush song listening to it on my old school CD/MP3 player. I would put on the "Permanent waves" album and wander around the gardens at dusk. I loved this time of day because the bats would come out and I would throw rocks at them, watching them follow the projectiles to the ground. If I wasn't amusing myself at the expense of the natural world, I was either wandering clockwise around the circular fountain (Dante style), or I had perched myself up alongside the gargoyles to watch the sun settle off beyond the coast of Tuscany.

For me two albums remind of this early summer-time of year. First I think of Rush's "Permanent Waves" for the above reason. Secondly, I think of Led Zeppelin's "Physical Graffiti." This was always one of my favorite albums, but not quite loved enough to be taken to Michigan with me. Thus, it would be left behind and enjoyed every April when I returned home. Plus there was something about "Kashmir" that reminded me about my battles with Denise, or "Down By the Seaside" that reminded me of Lake Michigan that it also carried significant emotional weight to fill that early summer void.

If you have a seasonal album, send it along and I will post it here.


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