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Saturday, June 14, 2008


From Seth...

I'm a believer in small ball for the team that knows how to do it.

But -- and maybe it's just the American Leaguer in me here -- I'm starting to get a bit sick of all the sac bunting this year. If the fleet-footed Marlins and Angels want to do it, fine. But in the last week I've had to endure sac bunts galore from the guys who would never be scouted by the fish, nor the seraphs.

Raul Ibanez?

Emil Brown?

Travis Buck?

Bobby Crosby?

Richie Friggin 6'8 Sexton?!?

If we resurrected Ted Kluszewski and put him in a green jersey, I'm willing to bet Bob Geren would give him the bunt sign as well.

And since when did the Moneyball Twins and Athletics, who built their teams on OBP and Slugging, start laying down like a lineup of NL pitchers? Is it because they just want to see aging Pudge Rodriguez and Kenny Rogers popping out of their knees?

The only other explanation I can come up with is there's a nasty cold going around that's messing with the managers' signs.

So I found this Sacrifice Bunt Irk Level o-meter on the Internets. I think I'm going to make an extra-large copy and hold it up for the opposing managers at future ballgames.



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