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Thursday, June 12, 2008


From Seth...

A couple of things said this week that need chiming in on:

1. Retire Dom's number? In Buffalo, yes. When you think of the Sabres, you think "They had Pat Lafontaine, Gilbert Perreault and Dominick Hasek." In Detroit? No. They didn't retire Larionov's. A retired number to me should be for someone who was a longtime superstar for that team. It means that player is a guy that you point at when identifying the greatness of the franchise. Heard of the Wings? They had Sawchuck and Yzerman and Howe and Abel and Lindsay and Lidstrom. If you wear a red jersey with number 9 on it, everyone knows the name that should go there. It's not for Hall of Famers who stop by to win a cup. Fetisov was a HoFer who won two cups here, but we gave number 2 to Fischer (for whom it yet waits). Shanahan might have made it had he stuck for the last few years. Fedorov too. Chelios will be a question, and is way more deserving than Hasek cause he's now actually played here longer than either his Montreal and Chicago stops. But he became a legend as No. 7 in Chi-town, not as 24 in Detroit. The questions are doubly-moot given Ilitch's well-documented reluctance to hang numbers (Lou Whitaker and Jack Morris are still waiting, while Alan Trammell's No. 3 is on the back of Gary Sheffield). The next jersey retired by Detroit will be Lidstrom's.

If you need another reason not to retire Dom's number, Drew Sharp says we should.

2. The Pistons may have another shot at Carmelo. Except Carmelo's agent says there's no chance. Joe Dumars says he's talking about a trade for "a team's best player." Denver's GM is mum. Perhaps Melo's agent is the last to know? I dunno. Except for when you're asking a hockey player about his health, I tend to trust sports insiders above bloggers.

3. ESPN the Magazine is hating on Detroit. Two words: Cup Envy. A few more words: Dude, since when is a college football program finished because it loses one recruit and a mediocre starting offensive lineman who doesn't fit the system? Michigan missed out on Charles Rogers but things still turned out okay.

4. Would somebody please take the fucking credentials away from whatever journalist is still in West Virginia following every dirty Rich-Rod rumor the eight people in that state who know how to read can come up with? Actually, I think all those "rumors" are being made up in Columbus. My reasoning: if they're coming from W.V., how'd they get an Internet connection?

5. Remember how I said the Red Wings are stocked on defense? Apparently, they want to re-sign Lilja too. I can see that. He's one ahead of Lebda on the depth chart. But you can only carry so many guys on an NHL roster, and if you send down Derek Meech or Kyle Quincey, you lose them. I think the Lilja thing is an insurance because Stuart might want to be paid what he's worth on the open market. If Stuart doesn't sign, they know they can get Lilja back for a mill. That means you have Lidstrom, Rafalski, Kronwall, Lilja, Lebda, Chelios, with Meech and Quincey on hand and Kindl in the minors. I'm not sure I like that. I think they pay Stuart, not Rafalski dollars but maybe $3.8 to $4.2 because that gives you 4 great defenseman, which is the key to winning the cup these days. You can do that and still pretend like everyone on the roster takes less to play in Detroit (many do, but not all). Cheli can come back anytime he wants to because he's Cheli, okay? Here's the thing, though: you now have too many NHL defenseman, in a league that's crying for NHL defensemen. SO BUILD THE FARM! Before everyone knows we're overstocked, shop Meech, Lebda and Quincey. They're starters on any of the 20-odd teams who project to be in the market for defenseman. A 3rd round pick or maybe even low 2nd is reasonable for any of them. And you give Ken Holland's people a low 2nd round pick and there's a good chance you'll end up with a future Top 4/Top 6 guy.

6. The Freep's Michael Rosenberg said nobody would have predicted Osgood would supplant Hasek like this one day, back when we got Hasek in 2001. But I mentioned to Rosie that on July 1, 2001, Ozzie did just that. If you see the story on that, I'm the guy.

7. This is for Tondar.

8. Rumor has it that Gary Moeller's famous 1995 breakdown happened right after he learned his wife had cheated on him. The guy: assistant coach Les Miles. Remember how there were adamant anti-Miles people in the Michigan family, but nobody would say what the problem was?

Just a rumor. It's seedy as all hell.

I wouldn't put too much stock in it though. There's enough seedy recruiting whispers and very very public academic questions about Miles' players that could have solicited the negativity.


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