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Monday, June 16, 2008


Before returning to Donelson Manor, Mistress Angela and I were going through her things and deciding what should make the trip to Tennessee. There, in one of the many Tupperware bins I found a Notre Dame throw blanket. My first thought was to leave it behind since we will have a Michigan house. This has been decided and shall not be debated or questioned again. But there was something about this blanket that demanded a Tondarian touch, and after seeing the inverted backside I began dreaming of the perfect design for a Fighting Irish throw.

Obviously I would want a full size rendering of Cheeseburger Charlie taking up his bulk in the middle.

Behind him could be stacked hamburgers on one side and pizzas on the other. Directly below would be his final record as coach of the Irish (assuming that he will be canned, probably after this season). And then around the border, I would love to see memorable scores from the Cheeseburger era such as Notre Dame 0-Michigan 38, Navy 46-Notre Dame 44, USC 34-Notre Dame 31, Michigan 47-Notre Dame 21. This would be the ultimate celebration of Irish football that I would want in my house.


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