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Friday, July 25, 2008

A-11, HUT!

The thing about any offense in college football is that it gets old and understood by defensive coordinators (off-tackle left, anyone?). For this reason, I am pretty sure that Rich Rod won't be trying to find his next Steve Slayton and Pat White. However, heading into 2008, Michigan has 2 quarterbacks vying for the starting job in Steven Threet and Nick Sheridan. At halfback there are 4 viable options in Carlos Brown, Kevin Grady, Brandon Minor, and "White Lightning" Sam McGuffie. Given this talent I could easily see Michigan's spread taking on elements of either the wishbone or perhaps something a bit more crazy...

Then, Humphries came up with a whopper: Why not put two quarterbacks in a shotgun formation and make every player on the field a potential receiving threat?

If you have a quarterback controversy, why not settle it with using both simultaneously? If you factor in Barwis conditioning on Michigan level recruits, the All-11 offense could certainly confuse defenses enough to give Michigan an edge. If the defense can't even figure out which quarterback takes the snap, how are they going to stuff Mike Hart behind Jake Long know who will throw, run, or get the ball on a misdirection screen?

I'm just throwing ideas out there. But after watching the 2006 Sugar Bowl, we know that Rich Rod comes prepared.

(Hat-tip to James for sending the article on the A-11 offense and reminding me of our previous conversations on the greatness of George W. Bush Yost and Crisler.)


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