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Friday, July 25, 2008


So it turns out that I have known the woman of my dreams since 1994. She is blond and not brunette. But what I find most amazing is that falling in love means you will never be able to find your stuff again. Here is a list of things that Mistress Angela has hidden from me in my own house...

Gardening gloves (replaced by rubber gloves?!)
dirty dishes
recently washed, wet laundry
Prince Caspian
my work out shorts
work worthy jeans (the ones without the hole in my ass pointed out by my gay co-worker)


bleach cleaner
Big Brown's pocket NOT full of ravioli
that shirt I was going to wear later
and everything else now stored in the shed without my knowledge

It starts with a favor here and a meal there. Twenty years from now I will be wondering where my freedom went and why I have to wear the outfit she picked out to do the thing she demands with her friends that I don't like, ending the evening watching the movie "Juno," yet again.


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