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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


When I kept seeing Kwame's name in the list of free agents, I became intrigued that the right situation may do "the boy that Jordan ruined" some good. But then I remembered that he is Kwame and that Joe Dumars likes to find players that match the toughness of the team. Hmmmmm?! Now obviously $4 million a season isn't the stupid contract he got from Kupchak and the Lakers. But it still seems like its too much when you consider that we could have brought back Theo Ratliff for a minimal contract. Oh well, In Joe we trust.

Speaking of free agents, I would love to see the pistons work out a deal to get Josh Smith. He's kinda like a Ben Wallace that can score. Of course he wants Kwame money with over $10 million a year so I think it may be difficult for the Pistons to work out a deal to bring him in.

But in the tradition of James Posey and Jason Kapono, Salim Stoudamire is a free agent with a lights out shooters touch. Given the penetration of Stuckey, he could be a great addition to wait on the perimeter and knock down that dagger in the heart three.

Though Frank seems very much in favor of the signing...

I assume you mean Kwame Kilpatrick, which is exactly my thinking Tondar. Due to him becoming a free agent due to losing his position as mayor of the Motor City, I think he would be an excellent addition to the Pistons franchise. I know, I know-he is a little out of shape, and God only knows if he can shot a basketball proficiently. But hear me out...

I think his complete lack of a conscience and thuggery would be a needed addition to the Pistons. This man could work the refs like no other with his perfidious mind. And hell, if he is willing to shove a POLICE OFFICER, then he would rough-up any player in the NBA:

He would be like the second-coming of Laimbeer, just with a few extra hundred pounds and with greater ruthlessness.

Bad boyz, bad boyz, whatcha gonna do when they come for you...


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